Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sir Mix-A-Lot

After months of preparation, I'm really excited to be mixing ARTICLES OF WAR tomorrow over at SoundOne, one of the best post-production houses on the East Coast. This will be my third visit to SoundOne - I recorded the movie's voiceover element in two sessions over the last year, but now we'll be occupying one of the mixing stages ("Studio D", I'm told). Finally hearing the movie in glorious surround sound is going to be surreal.

I'm teaming up with a great mixer, Martin Czembor, who's worked on a lot of really cool projects, from Alex Woo's acclaimed REX STEELE: NAZI SMASHER (has there ever been a better movie title?) to the great PBS documentary series CARRIER, which follows around the USS Nimitz on a 6 month tour-of-duty (it's rapidly filling up my home DVR).

This is the second-to-last step in finishing the movie - after Friday, all that will be left is transferring the digital picture to 35 millimeter film. 

Film festivals, here we come.

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