Saturday, August 4, 2007

ADR session

This summer, I visited the famed New York recording facility Sound One, and watched the engineers in Studio K set up what looked like the world's most expensive microphone in front of Clay Adams. He's the talented actor I cast in the role of "Jim," the narrator of ARTICLES OF WAR. I had a blast directing Clay - he's a close friend who I've known for years, and it was a thrill to see ARTICLES OF WAR projected for the first time (we did a bunch of takes where Clay performed in front of the finished animation).

Sound One is a fun place for a filmmaker to work - the hallways are plastered with Scorsese posters (which always have the best voiceovers, something I took as a good omen). After I thanked the engineers for running such a smooth operation, they told me it was no problem. "When Marty's in town," they explained, "we're here the entire summer."

That's awesome.

Of course, I could only afford an afternoon, but it was worth it - Clay really delivered a great performance. I'll be returning to Sound One later this year to mix the film - next time, I gotta get a photo of the engineering booth... it's got more buttons than Sulu's station on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

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